6 Fujinon EX & EP Enlarger/Macro Lenses; Make offer.

Rare collection of unsurpassed EBC Fujinon EX/EP Enlarger/Macro Lenses:38mm f4.5 EP
50mm f2.8 EX
75mm f4.5 EX
90mm f5.6 EX
105mm f5.6 EP
135mm f5.6 EXThese legendary APO quality lenses are unrivaled for sharpness & contrast outperforming Schneider, Nikon and Rodenstock.  Glass is impeccable and all are in minty condition.  135mm lens includes an M39 Leica thread  adapter tube.  Hasselblad chose Fuji to make their 645 lenses and they are in widespread use in the motion picture/TV industry because Fuji ...

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