What’s going on at the Hasselblad booth during photokina?

Copenhagen, September 9th 2010 - Plenty! Demonstrations, hands-on-shooting and the opportunity to learn more about Hasselblad cameras, lenses and software. Photokina is always an exciting time for those in the photography industry and this year’s Hasselblad booth will be a hotspot for attendees to learn about and experience the World of Hasselblad. We’ll have two stages with special [...]

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david farkas

I headed into the show a little late on Thursday. I had a couple follow-up meetings at Leica and I wanted to see a few things in between appointments. Specifically, I was interested in two cameras that a lot of people have expressed an interest in, as well as been requested to go see. First, I headed to Pentax to see their medium format DSLR.

Pentax 645D

The new 645D from Pentax has really stirred things up in medium format land. A 40 MP, integrated medium format digital camera with many features taken from 35mm DSLRs, and at a price just a couple thousand above the top Nikons and Canons, the Pentax 645D offers a really interesting value proposition. I've downloaded raw files from the Internet and read about the camera, but this is Photokina – I wanted to see and try the camera for myself. So far, from raw images that I've processed, I haven't been blown away with the image quality. Yes, there are a lot of pixels, but to my eye, there is a mushiness in fine details and a haziness in the overall image. I know a lot of people really want the Pentax to be the first affordable medium format DSLR with the latest technology, but to date, the images do not give me the impression of MF. Even the sample photos in the booth, printed at 13" x 19" were extremely lackluster. The same blurred details and the same "looking through a dirty window" effect prevailed. Obviously, this is a young product, and the first of its kind for Pentax. Only time will tell if improvements are made to the camera so that it can compete image-quality-wise with the likes of Phase, Hasselblad and the Leica S2.

Photokina 2010: Day 3 - Pentax 645D and Fuji Finepix X100
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