F8DAILY PICKhttp://www.f8daily.comF8Daily pick sectionSun, 23 Nov 2014 16:16:42 GMTPyRSS2Gen-1.0.0http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rssNikon D800 issueshttp://www.f8daily.com/Nikon-D800-issues-14510081Listed below are several Nikon D800 issues reported by readers. If you have&nbsp;experienced&nbsp;any other problems with your new camera, please describe them them in the comments section. You can see the first issue in the above two images (click for larger&nbsp;view) - the Nikon D800 LCD screen has a green cast on some images. Several [...] Related posts: Nikon D800/D800E user&rsquo;s manual now available for download Nikon D800 vs. Canon EOS 5D Mark III specs comparison Nikon D800 updates http://www.f8daily.com/Nikon-D800-issues-14510081Wed, 28 Mar 2012 00:49:03 GMTLand Rover Launches ‘Five by Five’ Photography Projecthttp://www.f8daily.com/Land-Rover-Launches-Five-by-Five-Photography-Project-14472029<IMG alt="News image" src="http://www.photographyblog.com/images/sized/images/uploads/land_rover_tumblr-550x319.jpg"> Land Rover North America has launched on Tumblr with &ldquo;Five By Five,&rdquo; an innovative photography project that &ldquo;reflects a unique approach to the creation and distribution of content&rdquo;. Read more and comment &raquo; http://www.f8daily.com/Land-Rover-Launches-Five-by-Five-Photography-Project-14472029Wed, 28 Mar 2012 07:55:18 GMTThe Sunday Times Travel Photography Competition 2012http://www.f8daily.com/The-Sunday-Times-Travel-Photography-Competition-2012-14655050<IMG alt="The Sunday Times Travel Photography Competition 2012" src="http://www.photocompete.com/wp-content/uploads/8uuiu3.jpg">Copyright 2011 :: Open photo contests and competitions<P>Theme: London</P><P>Prize:</P><UL><LI>Each month one winner&rsquo;s picture will be published in the Travel section. That photo, together with a number of monthly runners-up, will be chosen to go through to the grand final</LI><LI>Grand Prize: a four-night holiday for two people to the holy city of Varanasi in India</LI></UL><P>Judges: Jon Nicholson and Gordon Innes</P><P> How to enter this photo contest </P><P>&ldquo;Yellowstone National Park&rdquo; themed photography contest &ndash; benefitting the Yellowstone Association ...</P>http://www.f8daily.com/The-Sunday-Times-Travel-Photography-Competition-2012-14655050Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:08:54 GMT21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Female Subjectshttp://www.f8daily.com/21-Sample-Poses-to-Get-You-Started-with-Photographing-Female-Subjects-14597059<IMG alt="posing-photographing-female-models01.png" src="http://www.digital-photography-school.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/posing-photographing-female-models01.png">A Guest Post by Kaspars Grinvalds from Posing App. If you ever run out of ideas, get stuck in creativity or simply need some guidance when shooting female subjects, you may use following posing samples as a &ldquo;posing cheat sheet&rdquo;. Many pro photographers use such a technique when preparing for and during the photo shoot. The poses in this article are selected as initial reference. I would advise to look at the poses together with your subject, especially if she&rsquo;s inexperienced. During a photo shoot ...http://www.f8daily.com/21-Sample-Poses-to-Get-You-Started-with-Photographing-Female-Subjects-14597059Tue, 27 Mar 2012 13:38:13 GMTRumor: Hasselblad to introduce a new family of digital cameras at Photokina (digital X-Pan?)http://www.f8daily.com/Rumor-Hasselblad-to-introduce-a-new-family-of-digital-cameras-at-Photokina-digital-X-Pan-14512162<IMG alt=" Rumor: Hasselblad to introduce a new family of digital cameras at Photokina (digital X Pan?)" src="http://photorumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Hasselblad-X-pan.jpeg">Hasselblad X-Pan film camera I received a tip that Hasselblad will introduce a new family of digital cameras this year, probably at Photokina. One of the possibilities is a smaller DSLR type camera. The other rumor is for a digital X-Pan camera, which will use a customized sensor in order to provide the wide panorama format. The sensor will be smaller then the original film&nbsp;double frame (24mm x 65mm) and will&nbsp;probably have&nbsp;1.5x crop factor. The price will be at the Leica M9 range ($6000-$7000). In ...http://www.f8daily.com/Rumor-Hasselblad-to-introduce-a-new-family-of-digital-cameras-at-Photokina-digital-X-Pan-14512162Mon, 26 Mar 2012 18:08:52 GMTHighlife Travel Photo Competitionhttp://www.f8daily.com/Highlife-Travel-Photo-Competition-14534077<IMG alt="Highlife Travel Photo Competition" src="http://www.photocompete.com/wp-content/uploads/jjs8usd.jpg">Copyright 2011 :: Open photo contests and competitions<P>Theme: Travel</P><P>Categories:</P><UL><LI>The Judges&rsquo; Choice</LI><LI>The People&rsquo;s Choice</LI></UL><P>The competition consists of three separate Seasons:</P><UL><LI>Season 1 (3rd January 2012 &ndash; 29th February 2012)</LI><LI>Season 2 (1st March 2012 - 30th April 2012)</LI><LI>Season 3 (1st May 2012 - 30th June 2012)</LI></UL><P>Prizes:</P><UL><LI>&nbsp;The six winners over the six months (three from each of the two categories, chosen bi-monthly) will win an Olympus PEN Lite camera (worth &pound;550 each).</LI><LI>All six winning images will then go through to ...</LI></UL>http://www.f8daily.com/Highlife-Travel-Photo-Competition-14534077Mon, 26 Mar 2012 19:29:06 GMTCamera Benchmarkers DxOMark Say the Nikon D800 Has the Best Sensor Ever... For Nowhttp://www.f8daily.com/Camera-Benchmarkers-DxOMark-Say-the-Nikon-D800-Has-the-Best-Sensor-Ever-For-Now-14590023<IMG alt="Click here to read Camera Benchmarkers DxOMark Say the Nikon D800 Has the Best Sensor Ever... For Now" src="http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17hcmv8i4kq17png/original.png"> Benchmarks don't always tell the whole story of a gadget or device, but they can be quite handy as support for those gut instincts and intuitions people have while using a device. And in the case of the Nikon D800, whose sensor DxOMark called the best ever after benchmarking it, it will need all the support it can get in its inevitable comparison against the Canon 5D MKIII. More&nbsp;&raquo; <BR>http://www.f8daily.com/Camera-Benchmarkers-DxOMark-Say-the-Nikon-D800-Has-the-Best-Sensor-Ever-For-Now-14590023Fri, 23 Mar 2012 20:40:00 GMTSony Announces World Photography Awards Winners in Open and Youth Categorieshttp://www.f8daily.com/Sony-Announces-World-Photography-Awards-Winners-in-Open-and-Youth-Categories-14594045<IMG alt="Sony Awards.jpg" src="http://www.steves-digicams.com/assets_c/2012/03/Sony%20Awards-thumb-400x263-13792.jpg">The Sony World Photography Awards winners for the Open and Youth categories have been announced and the winning pictures are, as you might imagine, quite impressive.<BR>In the Open Competition gallery you can see the winner in each of 10 categories - Architecture, Arts &amp; Culture, Enhanced, Low Light, Nature &amp; Wildlife, Panoramic, People, Smile, Split-Second and Travel. You can check out a few more very impressive photos on the Youth Competition gallery.<BR>You can also check out videos from the Moving Image ...http://www.f8daily.com/Sony-Announces-World-Photography-Awards-Winners-in-Open-and-Youth-Categories-14594045Fri, 23 Mar 2012 13:20:45 GMTSmall, Cheap and Underappreciated: Spill-Kill Reflectorshttp://www.f8daily.com/Small-Cheap-and-Underappreciated-Spill-Kill-Reflectors-14472016<IMG alt="" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dD8v1Qpbh_k/T0H7d-Cf7NI/AAAAAAAAC6Q/YfbiqUz5rmM/s400/SpillKills.jpg"><BR>I acquired my first spill-kill reflectors by accident. There were two, included in a set of used Profoto Acutes I bought from a dentist. (One of them is pictured above, at left.)<BR>My first thought: These things are useless. Should I throw them away or try to sell them on eBay? <BR>But these days, I generally do not stick a studio head into an umbrella without one. Read more &raquo;http://www.f8daily.com/Small-Cheap-and-Underappreciated-Spill-Kill-Reflectors-14472016Thu, 22 Mar 2012 13:00:00 GMTThe Lavenderworld Landscape Photography Competitionhttp://www.f8daily.com/The-Lavenderworld-Landscape-Photography-Competition-14451034<IMG alt="The Lavenderworld Landscape Photography Competition" src="http://www.photocompete.com/wp-content/uploads/log23eo.jpg">Copyright 2011 :: Open photo contests and competitions<P>Theme: Landscape - urban, wild or remote</P><P>Prizes:</P><UL><LI>1st Place: &pound;500 of Photographic Equipment of your choice</LI><LI>2nd Place: &pound;300 of Photographic Equipment of your choice</LI><LI>3rd Place: &pound;200 of Photographic Equipment of your choice</LI></UL><P>The winners will be announced on the 10 Oct 2012.</P><P> How to enter this photo contest </P><P>&ldquo;Yellowstone National Park&rdquo; themed photography contest &ndash; benefitting the Yellowstone Association &ndash; open for submissions until 4/30/12 or when 175 entries ...</P>http://www.f8daily.com/The-Lavenderworld-Landscape-Photography-Competition-14451034Fri, 23 Mar 2012 17:46:00 GMT27 Black and White Landscape Imageshttp://www.f8daily.com/27-Black-and-White-Landscape-Images-14392112<IMG alt="The Gro&szlig;glockner" src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3198/2731850527_b10e3cb400_z.jpg?zz=1">Last week we posted an image collection containing some beautiful black and white portrait photography. This week a friend suggested a collection of black and white landscapes. At first I was a little hesitant &ndash; when I think of landscapes I have to admit lots of colour comes to mind &ndash; but the more I thought about it &ndash; the more I realised that it would make a great collection. So here are a few black and white landscapes to get your creative juices flowing! Post originally ...http://www.f8daily.com/27-Black-and-White-Landscape-Images-14392112Fri, 23 Mar 2012 14:25:49 GMTSandisk 8GB TF Card with Card Reader and Adapters Set $7.46 Shippedhttp://www.f8daily.com/Sandisk-8GB-TF-Card-with-Card-Reader-and-Adapters-Set-7-46-Shipped-14422001Sandisk 8GB TF Card with Card Reader &amp; Adapters Set (Black) for $7.46 with coupon code: LS201231901 . Free shipping. Valid through 4-1-2012. Adapters: micr . . . <BR> Category: Tradehttp://www.f8daily.com/Sandisk-8GB-TF-Card-with-Card-Reader-and-Adapters-Set-7-46-Shipped-14422001Tue, 20 Mar 2012 17:15:59 GMTCanon EOS 5D Mark III Photoshttp://www.f8daily.com/Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-III-Photos-14539083<IMG alt="Canon EOS 5D Mark III Photos thumbnail" src="http://www.photographyblog.com/images/sized/images/uploads/canon_eos_5d_mark_iii_photos-550x400.jpg"> Ahead of our full review, here are 63 sample JPEG photos and a movie taken with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera.<BR> The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera with a 22-megapixel sensor, 61-point auto focus system, sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600 and Full HD video with manual control. Read the preview &raquo; http://www.f8daily.com/Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-III-Photos-14539083Fri, 23 Mar 2012 20:30:01 GMTFujifilm X-Pro1 Photos and Specs Leakedhttp://www.f8daily.com/Fujifilm-X-Pro1-Photos-and-Specs-Leaked-12316033<IMG alt="" src="http://files.petapixel.com/assets/uploads/2012/01/xpro1_mini.jpg"> The Nikon D4 wasn&rsquo;t the only upcoming camera to have its photos and details leaked today: Fujifilm&rsquo;s retro-styled system camera also got the same treatment. R&eacute;ponses Photo (the French magazine that ) has leaked &mdash; previously believed to be called the X1 or LX10. A press release about the camera also appeared (screenshot ). We now know that the camera will offer a custom 16MP CMOS sensor, use Fujifilm&rsquo;s EXR processor technology, feature a second-generation hybrid viewfinder, and be launched with ...http://www.f8daily.com/Fujifilm-X-Pro1-Photos-and-Specs-Leaked-12316033Thu, 05 Jan 2012 18:12:48 GMTNikon’s D4 Outed Officiallyhttp://www.f8daily.com/Nikon-s-D4-Outed-Officially-12273199<IMG alt="Nikon-D4" src="http://cdn.canonrumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Nikon-D4.jpg"><P>Nikon D4 Outed<BR> Nikon&rsquo;s D4&nbsp;. It looks very impressive on the spec sheet. I like the idea of illuminated function buttons. Hopefully we can select the colour. :)</P><P>&nbsp;</P><LI>Nikon D4 will have substantially lighter body</LI><LI>Available in February</LI><LI>Suggested retail price: $6,000</LI><LI>The ISO range is listed again as 100 to 102,400, expandable to 50 to 204,800.</LI><LI>91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor</LI><LI>Face detection/recognition</LI><LI>100% viewfinder coverage (obviously)</LI><LI>Illuminated function buttons</LI><LI>Dedicated video button</LI><LI>Includes H.264 B frame compression ...</LI>http://www.f8daily.com/Nikon-s-D4-Outed-Officially-12273199Wed, 04 Jan 2012 22:44:04 GMTBattle of the Bokeh: Nikon 105mm DC vs Micro Nikkor VRhttp://www.f8daily.com/Battle-of-the-Bokeh-Nikon-105mm-DC-vs-Micro-Nikkor-VR-11376024<IMG alt="" src="http://www.digitalrev.com/images/features/article_list_thumbnail/thumnail_dr_tv.gif"> Battle of the Bokeh is back! This time we take a look at the "bokeh master", the Nikon 105mm DC.http://www.f8daily.com/Battle-of-the-Bokeh-Nikon-105mm-DC-vs-Micro-Nikkor-VR-11376024Mon, 14 Nov 2011 05:40:00 GMTSony NEX-7 Reviewhttp://www.f8daily.com/Sony-NEX-7-Review-12260082<IMG alt="Sony NEX-7 Review thumbnail" src="http://www.photographyblog.com/images/sized/images/uploads/sony_nex_7_review-550x315.jpg"> The Sony NEX-7 is a new compact system camera with a long list of photographer-friendly features. Offering a 24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 1080p HD movies, high-res 3 inch tilting screen, 10fps burst shooting, built-in electronic viewfinder and pop-up flash, the NEX-7 seems to be on paper at least a very exciting proposition. Read our full Sony NEX-7 review, complete with sample JPEGs, RAW files, and movies, to find out if this is the ultimate compact system camera... Read the review ...http://www.f8daily.com/Sony-NEX-7-Review-12260082Wed, 04 Jan 2012 16:25:21 GMTUp to $150 off & free overnight shipping - The Nikon Lens and Body deals.http://www.f8daily.com/Up-to-150-off-free-overnight-shipping-The-Nikon-Lens-and-Body-deals-12126026 AF-S NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR Zoom Lens&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; $150 instant rebate Free Overnight Shipping - Nikon Lenses Free Overnight Shipping-Nikon Cameras Nikon COOLPIX P7100 Digital Camera&nbsp;&nbsp; Now $425.00 free overnight included 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens for Nikon&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; $100 off Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX for Nikon&nbsp;&nbsp; $50 off Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens for Nikon&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; $50 off &nbsp; Sigma Normal 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens for Nikon&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; $30 off Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 II EX Lens ...http://www.f8daily.com/Up-to-150-off-free-overnight-shipping-The-Nikon-Lens-and-Body-deals-12126026Thu, 22 Dec 2011 16:45:47 GMTFuji’s upcoming mirrorless camera will be all blackhttp://www.f8daily.com/Fuji-s-upcoming-mirrorless-camera-will-be-all-black-12225065<IMG alt=" Fujis upcoming mirrorless camera will be all black" src="http://photorumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Fuji-mirrorless-camera.jpeg">Another leaked&nbsp;picture of the upcoming mirrorless interchangeable lens camera from Fuji&nbsp;(see more pictures here).You can clearly see the camera grip on the right site.The name of the new camera will be X1 or LX10. Fuji uses different&nbsp;models&nbsp;for their prototype models - the X10 was&nbsp;initially&nbsp;called X50.The new camera is expected to be shown at the PMA show next week and&nbsp;officially&nbsp;announced in February.See also the&nbsp;previously&nbsp;leaked pictures here. The camera will have a&nbsp;proprietary&nbsp;mount. According ...http://www.f8daily.com/Fuji-s-upcoming-mirrorless-camera-will-be-all-black-12225065Tue, 03 Jan 2012 15:44:26 GMTNikon D4: $6,000, Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G: $500http://www.f8daily.com/Nikon-D4-6-000-Nikkor-AF-S-85mm-f-1-8G-500-12271132The first article about the Nikon D4 appeared briefly online today. The article was dated January 10, 2012 - this may be the actual release date to the public. The January 6th press event could just be to introduce the camera to the press. I cannot publish the entire&nbsp;article, but here are some&nbsp;interesting&nbsp;new specs (the [...]http://www.f8daily.com/Nikon-D4-6-000-Nikkor-AF-S-85mm-f-1-8G-500-12271132Wed, 04 Jan 2012 13:55:22 GMT